MDP CABLE Via Faletti, 20 25031 Capriolo - Brescia



We are a company that has been manufacturing cables for over thirty years, building up in this area a wide set skills and experience highly valued by our customers.
We produce wiring harnesses for machinery, household appliances and lighting.

We are able to carry out any work on single-core, multipolar and flat cable, using automatic machines with controls at all stages of processing.
We are able to handle orders from hundreds of thousands of pieces as well as orders of minimal size or regarding niche products that require customized solutions

Our strategy can be summed up in a few simple words, with real meaning:

♦ Flexibility

Willingness to respond to specific customer requirements

♦ Continuous technological innovation

We have consistently maintained, the ability to self-finance fixed investment and the training of our employees

♦ Efficiency

short term and certain results, for the fulfillment of orders and an excellent price/quality ratio

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